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There's never such a thing as "too much toffee", but if you're trying to decide whether to treat your guests with toffee or our delicious toffee pop, give them both with ooking to treat some very special guests, the new Linders Fancy Toffee Pop Toffee Sampler.

Have a party coming up? Want to be known for giving the best office gift? Buy a couple of these so you're ready at a moments notice. 

Don't want to share? Don’t have to. Buy a Pop Toffee Sampler for yourself and savour the Almond Fancy Flavor in Semi-Sweet Original Recipe together with the toffee recipe drizzled Toffee Pop.

Content Size: 

Box Size: 6 x 9 ½. 20 oz


Almonds, Butter, Sugar, Chocolate, Popcorn, Flavourings.

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