We have been experimenting with a new product since 2014. We call it toffee pop and it combines our delicious toffee product with popcorn. We tried it out on friends and customers last year and it got rave reviews, so it will soon be available on our website. Sounds simple enough, but getting a new product to market is an interesting challenge of experimenting with different popcorns, cooking with chopped almonds like we do with toffee, or with more coarsely chopped almonds or with whole almonds, and that's just to get a product we're happy with. And then there's packaging, labels, pricing, adding to the website. All fun, trying to get a product to market that everyone will love.

 So here's a picture of chef Linders mixing the old fashioned way.

 New Toffe Pop Product In The Making

While cooling on the trays it is sometimes necessary to taste the product for quality assurance purposes. We think this will be a great product addition. Stay tuned for its availability on line.

Toffee pop might also add to the festivities around Thanksgiving or a football game or any gathering of friends and family.