Linders Fancy Toffee was a big hit at the recent Taste of Fair Oaks, a fundraiser sponsored by the Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce.  Among other great causes some of the proceeds (expected to be $30,000) went to local food banks.  There were 700 guests and vendors trying to keep all 700 happy with food, wine, beer, and delectable desserts.  Oh and of course Fancy Toffee and Toffee Pop. 

Have you tried our toffee pop?  Instead of pouring the hot toffee mixture in a tray we pour it over popcorn and almonds.  It is quite tasty.   Some said, “Wow”!

How do we know that our toffee was a big hit?  The smiles and the people that picked up business cards and especially the people that snuck back the second or third time for more samples.  One even placed an order the next day and thanked us for not singling them out when they came back a second time. 

Why do we do these fund-raisers?  Because Linda and Don both work, we only do 2-3 a year.  They are a chance to get our product and name out.  We do get follow-up orders.  In the end, we do it because it supports our community and it’s fun.  You always meet new people, and we had a great time with our neighbor vendor representing Harney Lane Winery Lodi and we will make a visit to see her and the winery that she is so proud of!


Oh did I say the weather was perfect.  The venue was the Northridge Country Club, some vendors in the banquet hall, some on the patio, and some around the putting green.  It was a great night for the guests, and the vendors, and the people in our community that benefit from A Taste of Fair Oaks.