It's Labor Day Weekend and we're laboring over the great new product additions to Linders Fancy Toffee for the upcoming gift-giving season. In addition to a large and small box and cello bag, we're adding a small party favor box, perfect for small welcome gifts, or party or wedding favors. Also we're expanding the toffee chocolate flavors, that will be available in the usual packaging or in a new sampler box. All will be available on the website by early October.

We're a little slow on the social network scene. Our daughter put up a Facebook page in February and we've done nothing with it, but it will see upgrades soon too. Check out Linders Fancy Toffee on Facebook. Visit us there, and leave a comment about our toffee. If you haven't tried our toffee, you are missing out big time, and your friends and family are missing out too, the ones out of town that you will want to surprise at the holidays with the best hand-made toffee on the market (and we do all the work!)