Our customers have asked for different nuts on our traditional almond toffee. So after lengthy testing, we are introducing a new dark chocolate sampler box, with almonds, macadamia nuts, and pecans. And it is yummy!

Linders Fancy Toffee has maintained a single recipe until now, using only almonds in the recipe. We've tried other recipes, and we've tasted all the competition (a benefit of running a toffee business!), and we're heard from customers that they would like a broader selection of nuts. We've tried many variations, and rejected most of them, because the taste just didn't measure up to our standards.

We now have 2 additional options that we are happy with and we think you will enjoy them.

Boxed in our fancy packaging, the new dark chocolate sampler features almonds, macadamia nuts, and pecans. And since a lot of customers now prefer dark chocolate - we are offering all 3 nuts on top of yummy Guittard dark chocolate. And besides yummy, it could help you with gift giving this year.

Linders Fancy Toffee will ship anywhere in the U.S. with a handwritten, personalized gold card, something to ease your gift-giving this year.